About Us

 Welcome to Osterville United Methodist Church!

Our vision is summed up in six words: Together in Christ...Committed to Serve!  It is a simple phrase that is packed with meaning.

Together in Christ is our definition of community. For us, it does not matter where you have been or where you are going, what you have done or what you have failed to do, what you believe or what you do not believe. You are welcome to join us as you are and where you are, whether you are a person of deep faith or a person of little or no faith. In our community, there is not a litmus test of belief or a theological confession required. In fact, there is nothing required, except a flicker of desire to journey toward a new or deeper relationship with God. For us, Jesus Christ was and is an incredible reflection of God and of God’s love for us. We believe that to know Christ is to know God. To know Christ’s love is to know God’s love. When we gather together as community, our greatest hope is that the Spirit of God will move in our midst and touch our hearts, so that as we live our lives, we will always know that we are God’s beloved children and that we will never, ever be alone or abandoned. God is always with us and we will always have each other.

Committed to Serve is the natural outgrowth of our journey to a new or deeper relationship with God. Our service is limited only by our imaginations and is tempered by our belief that we exist as a community, not only to be of service to those who attend here, but also to be of service to those who live outside our doors. Our vision of service extends beyond just the people of Cape Cod. We are committed to responding to the needs of our sisters and brothers throughout the world. We recognize that we cannot save the world, but we feel that with our every act of love and compassion, the world becomes a little better place. In recent years, our commitment to serve has resulted in active ministry to the homeless of Cape Cod, ecumenical ministry, support to human service agencies that provide for the basic needs of those who live in poverty, assistance for those who have been traumatized, and ministry for those who are developmentally challenged. We engage in a prayer shawl ministry, have committed ourselves to being a reconciling congregation, maintain a connection with our elders through organized visitation to nursing homes and shut-ins, and provide a whole variety of ministries to the children, youth and adults of our church. All that we do is led and supported by the members of our community and assisted by our staff. To be “committed to serve” requires all of us to be in ministry together.

This, then, is our vision: Together in Christ...Committed to Serve. We invite you to join us in giving “hands and feet” to our vision.